Day 5: Happy housekeeping and homeschooling.
What a Tuesday!'s Monday already.

Monday  Monday  Monday-1 

My weekend just flew by.  Saturday we did errands in the rain, but got lots accomplished.  We didn't get haircuts, everyone must have had the same idea.  So, that's on the agenda for tomorrow.

Today, we accomplished our homeschool lessons. 

Laundry is going in shortly, need to vacuum-Ella is shedding like crazy.  I'm going to give the house a quick once over because tomorrow is going to be a majorly busy day and we will be out of the house for the better part of the day.

Our weather has greatly improved.  No rain!  We awoke to sunshine and blue skies but it has since turned cloudy...but no rain and all the kids can play and have fun outside.  

Jess isn't working tonight so we will get a few things done here and hangout and watch a movie.

Have a super Monday!

PS-->Ron's training is going very well. :)  We were able to talk to him this weekend, it was so nice to hear his voice.



YAYA I am BACK ONLINE~~... I didn't know until it was gone how much I would miss my PC... I really like 'keeping in touch' with my family and friends. Hope you have a GREAT WEEK!!!
Love ya TONS Mom

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