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What a Tuesday!

  Insomnia...I was up until 3:30am...not pretty when you have to get up early.   Ron II had his sports physical today.  He's growing by leaps and bounds...he's 90% in height and 75% in weight.  He eats all the time and I was shocked that he wasn't in a higher % in weight.  Wish I had his great metabolism!


Then came the shots! There were 4 to be exact.  Bosters and such.   He was a real champ and I was so proud of him! 


This was his reward...he was one stoked eleven year old.  


We also happened upon this while at the PX...they don't get them a family reward was in order.   This thing is so fun.

Now that the day is done and I accomplished a lot of stuff....2 cars washed and tanks topped off, 1 kid physical w/ shots, my shot it's time to relax with a good movie (Marley and Me) and a glass of wine. 


Cheers my friends and have a great evening!'s Monday already.

Monday  Monday  Monday-1 

My weekend just flew by.  Saturday we did errands in the rain, but got lots accomplished.  We didn't get haircuts, everyone must have had the same idea.  So, that's on the agenda for tomorrow.

Today, we accomplished our homeschool lessons. 

Laundry is going in shortly, need to vacuum-Ella is shedding like crazy.  I'm going to give the house a quick once over because tomorrow is going to be a majorly busy day and we will be out of the house for the better part of the day.

Our weather has greatly improved.  No rain!  We awoke to sunshine and blue skies but it has since turned cloudy...but no rain and all the kids can play and have fun outside.  

Jess isn't working tonight so we will get a few things done here and hangout and watch a movie.

Have a super Monday!

PS-->Ron's training is going very well. :)  We were able to talk to him this weekend, it was so nice to hear his voice.

Day 5: Happy housekeeping and homeschooling.

Happy Homemaker 

This is what I've felt like all today.  Yesterday I did nothing productive in the house, so today I caught up.  Laundry, ironing, cooked, vacuumed, mopped and dusted.  Whew...that will just poop you right out.  I feel I have the most boring life on earth, but I wouldn't trade places with anyone. 

Homeschooling went very well today.  We accomplished a great day this week.  We will hopefully be done the first week of May.  I'm so looking forward to the break this summer.

This weekends projects will consist of haircuts for Ron II and I.  Getting groceries and playing some board games as it's suppose to rain tomorrow. 


This I added because I just thought it was beautiful!  Hope you have a great Friday.

Day 3: Renewed strength and my version of house beautiful.

House Beautiful Gray wallpaper - 2008 

I awoke this morning to blustery winds, rain and dark skies.  So what's a girl to do...put on some groovie music, turn on all the lights and get with the program.  I decided that when I went to bed the night before I would get up with a good attitude and get much accomplished....and guess what?   I did.   It feels wonderful to have a good clean house, all laundry and ironing done,  dinner is already cooked..because I did it at lunch and the kitchen is spotless.   All homeschooling work was also accomplished and with a great attitude from Ron II. 

Ron is doing well at his training...was up until 3am doing laundry..poor fellow.   But on a good note he did have Chili Rellanos for dinner...lucky guy! 

Hope your Wednesday hump day was a good one and  you accomplished lots with a great attitude.

Day 2: Crazy...I hope to now survive the 2.5 weeks.

Crazy  <------ME...

If your husband travels you can expect stuff to happen when they are away...right?  Yesterday my downfall started at 5:50 pm.  I pull into our parking area and notice my husbands car has received a parking ticket.  He parked in someone elses space...normally I would say shame on you and keep going but we couldn't park in our own area because other people are parking in it.  So after getting the MP's to come out and ticket them...maybe I can park in my spot for a change.

Thing 2--when I awoke at 1:30 am this morning for no apparent reason I decided to check my email.  TKS our internet, cable and phone provider had left a message saying we hadn't paid our bill and they were turning us off.  Well...I quite quickly dug out my receipts and headed over there this morning to have this corrected...never has this happened...see...weird stuff happens when they leave.  They don't even know why it happened..we paid it 27 days ago.

Thing 3--8:30am this morning...some workman is ringing my doorbell.   He wants me to sign off on work he was suppose to do yesterday...I waited around until after 4pm for him..he was a no show.   Good grief! 

So my morning was shot taking care of this junk...I have to go out and paint parking spaces so our residents in our building have designated parking areas and we can ticket anyone parking in the wrong spots from now on.   Doesn't this sound so high school to you!  Good Grief!!!

Day 1: Training


Today was officially  Day 1 of training for my hubby as well as us.   This 2 1/2 weeks is getting us into a routine that we can handle for the upcoming deployment.    I'm working on keeping busy and keeping Ron II busy. 

Here's the schedule I came up with for a morning and night routine for him.

Morning Routine:  (7:30am-8:30am)

  • Rise and shine at 7:30am
  • Get dressed, brush teeth and wash your face
  • Make bed and tidy your bedroom
  • Take out Ella Bella out and feed her 2 cups of food
  • Have your breakfast, brush teeth and be ready for school by 8:30am
  • Be cheerful and kind all day!

Night Routine:(9pm-10pm)

  • Clean up room, make sure everything is in it's home
  • Get school books out and put on kitchen table for the next day
  • M-W-F --Math, Language and Reading days
  • T-TH- History and science days
  • Shower, brush teeth and use your Act rinse
  • Get clothes picked out for the next day.
  • Read for 30 minutes
  • Say your prayers
  • Lights out by 10pm

This is making me more accountable with my time daily as well.   I'm no longer putting off things to do tomorrow..I'm making much better use of my time each day. 

I think routine gives everyone a sense of peace because we all know what to do next.  Hope your having a wonderful day!

~Sunshine, blue skies, Ron's 11th Birthday and Packing~

  Beautiful day! 

This is going to be a packed post as you can tell from the title.   First off...the weather is absolutely beautiful.  We have blooming spring flowers, blue skies and the high is around 50*...wonderful for letting little boys play at the park and burning some big energy off.   I love this time of year!  

Ron's 11th Birthday is tomorrow and he's really bummed that his Dad has to leave on that day.  So tonight when he and Jessica get back from swimming were having a big family dinner and chocolate cake to celebrate a little early.   

Ron is working hard to get his stuff packed to leave tomorrow.   He will only be gone for 2.5 weeks at this time.  We have the long haul coming up in several months though and I'm really dreading it, but I've promised myself to make the best of it.   I've got good solid plans and Jessica is here to help me...I'm sure I'll be depending on her a lot in the months to come. to tidy up and start the dinner prep.  Hope where ever you are you will have a great day!


Adding...what's for dinner.

Chick Parm 

Chicken Parm






Birthday Cake! :)

What do you do when your spouse is about to leave?


Ron will be leaving on Sunday for 3 weeks.  I don't know about anyone else, but it's like someone lit a fire under me.  There are decisions to be made and plans to attend to.   Ron II wants to continue to homeschool with Mom doing all the next years school decisions have been made and our new curriculum is on the way.  I'll have the summer to plan and study.   Ron will also be swimming 3 days a week and playing a sport.  Busy is the key for kids and deployments.   

Jessica is working hard to secure a new job... she's excellent with children and will soon be working at the CDC.  She's finishing up her education and make plans for a bright future.  I'm so proud of her!

Amber is continuing on at her job.   I'm proud of her courage to do the right thing when no one else is and holding them to a standard. plans are to keep those home fires burning.   My main goal will be to provide a nice, stable home with good meals, plenty of conversation, a good education and lots of fun.  I've pulled out my craft supplies and will be finishing up 2 big projects.  I'm going to get serious about exercising 5 days a week and swimming when Ron does.   I've stocked up on good books for the long nights that alway come and lots of writing materials.   I'll be undertaking a new Bible study and also going back to church on Sunday.  I feel like I'm coming up with a good plan to handle the next 15 months.

So..these are my plans, what are your plans like when your spouse is away for extended periods of time?


Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
Ronald Reagan






Today we find out about our next deployment.  Please don't forget to keep all our sailors, airmen, marines and soldiers in your prayers.  God Bless America!

Second Post of the Day--this is my accountablity post for keeping our house in order.

The guys went swimming last night so I had towels and swim trunks therefore, I did all the clothing laundry today and towels.  I look the smell of clean towels.

No one was waiting to do any laundry so I took advantage of that today...I washed Ron II's comforter, blanket, sheets.  I did the same for mine as well.  It's beginning to feel like spring around here and so I'm knocking out some of my spring jobs early.   The only thing left is to vacuum the floors and a quick dusting.   Oh and all the windows are's close to 60 today.

It's tough being a wife/mom somedays.


It's Monday and boy does it ever feel like it.   Being a Mom is a tough job made even more complicated by military deployments/homeschooling and just the general feeling I must be a super woman.

I guess this will be my whine post of the day.  How come I'm the only one who can see the dog hair?  Kids and husbands must be immune to the sight of it.   Vacuumed the house..check.

Trash cans...if you use them, they do need to be dumped.  Check.

Furniture...if you have it the dust will come.  Cleaned furniture..Check.

Bathrooms...if you use them...they do need to be cleaned...check.

Laundry...we don't walk around naked...check. must be prepared...dishes washed, dishwasher unloaded..check.

My beef today is really with the little man who feels an injustice has been done to him when ask to study on a day off.  I mean really how hard is it to go over your spelling words, Bible verses for your test.  I can spell and quote the verses.   I'm intruding on his fun day...going to the in the last 4 days I've done anything shopping, laundry, vacuuming doesn't sound to fun to me...what say you?   Ok...that was really whiny but man...I can't deal with a whiny 11 year old for a year if  Ron deploys again soon.  Heaven help the both of us. 

That brings me to the deployment at hand...I would just love for the Army to get it's act together and give us a yes or no.   I'll be so glad when it's our choice to stay or leave...3 years until retirement.  I can't wait to have my own home, space, peace and quiet and privacy.



Ron  has gone to pick up Jessica this morning as she arrives in bright and early at 6:05am.  We will be so happy to have her back home.  The house has been to quiet without her here and I sure miss her company. 

I've been working on a plan for awhile to get all work done on Saturdays and just to have a nice relaxing Sunday.  I'm also working on getting my family back to church on Sunday.  I miss having a good old southern church to attend where people know you and your family.  There's definitely something to be said about having a good church family.

Sunday afternoons should be a time to enjoy your family, relax and be grateful for all our blessings.   I think my favorite thing on Sunday's are the meals where we have longer times to just sit and enjoy each other's company.   Tell stories, be silly and laugh.  This is what I want my kids to remember. 

Have a beautiful Sunday and don't forget to count your blessings!

~Super Saturday~

Jane-burton-black-and-white-border-collie-lying-chin-on-floor-with-black-and-white-kitten  Saturday in our house is cleaning day in which everyone pitches in.

Ella Bella is doing her part by shedding and running around with a serious case of spring fever.  It's going to be around 60* today and it's not raining.  Thank goodness!!!  So, I'm power vacuuming, mopping and dusting.  The bathrooms are getting a quick wipe down and then Ella is going on a nice walk.


Don't you just love this laundry room....what I would do for a room like this!  Ron is taking care of our laundry today.  We have 5 washers/dryers in the basement and it takes about 2.5 hours to do 5 loads from beginning to end...not to shabby. 


After that...the guys are going to give my car a bath,vacuum it out and clean the windows.  I'm going to be one happy Mama!

After that we will have a nice yummy dinner...get settled into our PJ's, load up the popcorn bowl and watch 24.

Happy Saturday to ya! :)

How do you make an almost 11 year happy?

Happy Birthday 

By letting him get his Birthday present early.  We have a long 4 day weekend this weekend.  It's rainy, cold and plain out yucky outside.  His best-friend downstairs has gone skiing and he was extremely blue.   So..Mom and Dad being the crazy parents we are...decided...lets get your gift early and you can play with it this weekend.  We now have two boys in his room having a blast.  There's laughter and Kung Fu sounds abounding from the room.   

Next weekend is his actual Birthday...but Dad has to be away and we are going to have all the boys over the last weekend for pizza, cake and ice cream and of course XBOX playing.

Happy Friday! :)

Making a beautiful home.


I can so see our family in a house like this.  I love the American flag waving in the breeze. was make the house clean and beautiful day.  Ron II was busily working away with school.  Since he has DVD school I have loads of time on my hands and I haven't really been putting it to good use lately.  So, today before heaving myself out of bed I decided to really clean the house well and get things back to 100% clean. 

I moved furniture and vacuumed and mopped underneath.  Cleaned all the baseboards.

Vinegar cleaned both bathrooms..they sparkle and smell so good. 

I removed everything off all the furniture and dusted and polished everything.

Cleaned all the electronics really well.   It's amazing how dirty tv and computer screens can get.

I washed all the candle holders and refilled with new candles.  The house is going to smell so good.

I wiped out all the windows--they sure can harbor some dust. 

Changed all the sheets and towels as well as seperated all the laundry.  Tonight is bowling night so since we have a 4 day weekend..I'll do laundry late tonight while everyone is sleeping.   Then everything will be done for a great start to the weekend. 

Jessica comes home on Sunday and I can't wait to see her.  It's been along 2 weeks.

Amber is having some struggles with her job...her boss has little to no intergity...keep her in your prayers please.

Thinking about making this sweet little sign to hang at my front door...what do ya think?


Anyway...I thought it was cute.

Don't you just love when your house is nice and tidy.  Have a super day!

~Home School Update-Report Card~


I can't believe how quickly our school year is flying by.  It is such a privilege to stay at home and teach and watch all of Ron's wonderful developments.  He's really growing into a fine young gentleman.


So here's our report card this nine-weeks.

Bible- B -91 average

Arthimetic-B-91 average

Language- A-97 average

Penmanship-B-90 average

History-B-90 average

Spelling-B-90 average

Science- A-95 average


Ron is learning so much from our A Beka program and his teachers this year are wonderful.  I can't say enough good stuff about the program.

~Dinner @ La Vie En Rose~


We had dinner at the La Vie En Rose and the food was absolutely wonderful!  There was about 15 of us total and we had a great time talking and eating.  This was my first French food dinner and I must say, I can't wait to go back.  On my next visit I want to try this.


It's a swiss cheese that's heated with a mini broiler, that you scrap off and eat with potatoes, meats, pickled veggie, onions and olives.  It looked wonderful!

Hope your having a great Tuesday.  If interested in looking at the restaurant website here's the link.

Things I miss from home.

Southern style houses and porches  Southern Style houses with front porches.  I love this house!

Blue Ridge Parkway 

The Blue Ridge Parkway...beautiful!

Mayflower seafood 

Mayflower seafood...gosh those shrimp look good!

Blue bonnets in Texas 

Driving in Texas and seeing fields of blue bonnets.   Breath-takingly beautiful!


Coronado Island in San Diego, CA. 

Of course I miss my parents, in-laws and after almost 4 years here in Europe...I'm getting homesick.    There really is no place like home and the good old USA.

I don't know about you, but....

I'm in serious need of some of this!


And this...


And lastly this....


For I want to do this, but the weather is not cooperating.


I'm just itching to get outside and plant flowers, mow a yard, water something and walk for long distances.  But the weather is just not cooperating with me.  We are in for an extended period of least a week.  Anyway...just looking at the flowers and gardens made me feel better.

Have a great Thursday!

~First Week Weigh In~

Well, I'm sure it could have been better but I had a 3.3 lb weight loss.  I had many slip-up's and cheats but...I'll just keep plugging along and trying to eat better and exercise more.  I keep reminding myself that this is a life change not a short race. We are getting ready for an extended period of rain so I will have to come up with something to do inside.   I have some walk away the pounds video's and weighs to use for my arms.  So no excuses!  :)  Have a super day and remember to eat your fruits and veggies.

Good Morning -->Breakfast and The New Porsche Museum


On Sunday afternoon I sent hubby to the commissary for our provisions for the week.  He saw these beauties, 6 packs reduced to $.50 a pack.   We have been eating strawberries in cereal, for dessert after dinner and this morning I served them with pancakes.  Heaven I tell ya!


The weather may have been cold and foggy outside, but the house was toasty warm and breakfast was delicious.


On the Sunday before Amber had to fly back the crew of car lovers hit the new Porsche Museum. In this picture we have Christian---Ron II's best friend who lives below us, Ron II and Amber.  They loved it.  You can tell by the glow in their eyes.