Good Morning and Happy Monday!




Lets start with some adorable pictures!





So much sweetness in these 3 pictures!! 

So, I've been doing a Bible study the last three weeks...we are studying Psalm's powerful and so enlightening.  

These verses have really spoken to my heart and I thought I'd share.  Psalm 119:49-51.


It's so easy to look for comfort in other places...books, tv, sleep, alcohol or even your family.  But we should be looking for it from our Father.   

Have a lovely Monday! 




Happy Monday!

Busy day at Casa de Foley here .....packages mailed, bills all paid and lots of weekend laundry.  

Dinner tonight


Chicken with peach salsa (Pioneer woman recipe) it was delicious, squash and zucchini chips w/ parm and chicken rice pilaf...this was a very yummy dinner.   Since it was Monday--hot brownies and ice cream for dessert. 

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

~~~Welcome June~~~


Welcome to the wonderful month of June.  There is so to accomplish this much!  

I've issued a challenge to my family: 

exercise 5 days a week at least 30 minutes a day, eat healthy 

church every Sunday 

We will finish up school in 3 weeks and everyone is looking forward to a nice break! 

Lots of things to celebrate this month:

  • a new grand-baby this month
  • my Dads 73rd birthday 
  • Father's Day for some of favorite men ;)
  • finishing up 11th grade 

Hope the new month will be fun filled! :)


Happy Tuesday!

After some much needed sleep last night...Sophia and I are up tackling our Tuesday!

Our to do list today:

  • draw, color, sing songs and built castles with a little cartoon watching thrown in
  • laundry--it's never ending ;)
  • dishes
  • vacuum, dust and mop the floors
  • clean the bathrooms
  • cook our crew a yummy dinner

Since the weather is so hot today we decided to get our work done so we could play outside the rest of the week while the weather is much cooler.

Hope everyone has a great day! :)



~Happy Monday~

I've been away for a little while, but life is busy like that sometimes.  :)

Here's what was cooking this weekend:




Amber found the most delicious recipe for Mexican stuffed shells.  Delicious!


I whipped up an Olive Garden like salad, which is way better than the one they serve in their restaurant.


A big loaf of cheesy olive bread...thank you Ree of Pioneer Woman for this recipe...I will be forever grateful! 



Then....for the dessert...fresh strawberry cake from my favorite cake lady..Cakes by Annette here where we live.  I was simply wonderful.




I wanted something simple, hot and delicious with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio...and it was.   Again, Ree killed it with her Shrimp Scampi recipe!


Hope your weekend was full of love and lots of good food!